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Science Center


Havran Science Center

Havran Science Center, realized by the Municipality of Havran and TÜMAD Mining, provides visitors of all ages with a unique blend of educational and entertaining experiences, allowing them to delve into the fascinating dimensions of science in an interactive way.

In the center where concept design, exhibit creation, space design, corporate identity, and promotion processes are handled by MizarLabs, visitors are presented with more than just the fundamental principles of physics like light, sound, electricity, heat, and motion. The center also houses workshops for Technology Design and robotics.

Havran Science Center presents not only the fundamental physics mechanisms but also a Technology Design Workshop and robotics workshops. Visitors can engage in interactive experiences surrounding light, sound, electricity, heat, and motion at the center. They can uncover the mysteries behind the formation of colors, sound waves, electric circuits, heat transfer, and physical motion. Furthermore, in the Technology Design Workshop, they have the chance to develop their fine motor skills and craftmanship abilities using woodworking machines. Meanwhile, the robotic workshops provide insights into the foundational principles of robotics.

It’s in: Balıkesir Municipality, Turkiye | Realised in: 2021 | Together with: CEZERI | We did: Design & Development - Production | Sponsored by TUMAD


Audience: Suitable for all ages. | Area: 400 m² | Languages: Turkish, English  | Accessibility: Universal Design

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