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A Magical Day in the Imagination Laboratory!

Professor Balthazar Area

Ekran Resmi 2024-05-06 09.59.42.png

In collaboration with Kino Bezigrad Complex, Slovenia, Mizarlabs’ upcoming project brings to life the whimsical world of Professor Balthazar through 19 interactive exhibits. Each installation is a fusion of creativity and science, inspired by the beloved cartoon. The kids corner is designed not just to entertain but to illuminate young minds on scientific principles such as Newton's laws, sound propagation, gravity, motion, time, optical illusions, body reflexes, and much more. The space has been meticulously planned to optimize every inch for exploration, ensuring that from corner to corner, visitors will be immersed in the innovative and educational universe of Professor Balthazar.

Within this imaginative realm, the exhibits take on various forms—some portable to journey beyond Kino Bezigrad, others stationary, inviting in-depth exploration. Interactive digital displays, tactile mechanical devices, and rich graphical storytelling coalesce to form a multi-sensory learning landscape. Our adept copywriters have tailored scientific narratives and guidance to ensure that young visitors can easily grasp and engage with the concepts presented, from the fundamental laws of physics to the playful illusions of light and sound. Every aspect is thoughtfully curated to make the wonders of science as accessible as they are enchanting.

It’s in:  Kino Bezigrad Complex, Ljubljana, SloveniaRealised in: 2024 | Together with: CEZERI | We did: Design & Development - Production 


Audience: Suitable for ages between 6 & 12 years oldArea: 250 m² | Languages: Slovenian | Accessibility: Universal Design

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