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A Close Look at Anatolia's Wildlife!

Anatolian Living Creatures


In bringing the Anatolian Creatures Crystal Exhibition to fruition, Mizarlabs' focus on design and detail has created an all-encompassing encounter with history. After thorough research, we crafted high-quality crystal representations to reflect the rich biodiversity of Anatolia. The exhibit, designed with precision, utilizes harmonious setup and effects to captivate visitors, ensuring an interactive and immersive experience across all ages. Our work encapsulates the essence of the creatures it represents, allowing each visitor to step seamlessly into Anatolia's vibrant past through a contemporary, educational lens.

In our studios, we crafted a collection of crystals, each meticulously sculpted to embody the essence of these species. With 34 avian, 22 terrestrial, 38 marine, 8 reptilian, 6 insect, 27 botanical, and 3 fungal crystals, plus 6 crystals dedicated to providing an introduction to this ancient tableau, we brought millennia of evolutionary history into a contemporary light.

It’s in:  Konya Science Center, Konya, Türkiye | Realised in: 2021 | Together with: CEZERI | We did: Design & Development - Production 


Audience: Suitable for all ages | Area: 80 m² | Languages: Turkish - English | Accessibility: Universal Design

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