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Mima Pro


MIMA PRO Modular Experiment Sets: A Revolutionary Tool for Science Education Beyond the Classroom

We're excited to present the MIMA PRO Modular Experiment Sets, the perfect solution for science education beyond the classroom. These sets come in a convenient box and are designed specifically for extracurricular activities.


Our product is tailored to meet the needs of science center administrators and educators who are passionate about inspiring students' interest in science. The MIMA PRO Modular Experiment Sets are perfect for teachers who want to enhance their science curriculum and science center administrators who want to provide an innovative and engaging science education experience for their visitors.

Our sets come with 18 different transportable modules, each covering important science concepts such as electricity, basic physics, and other fundamental scientific principles. The exhibits are modular, so teachers and science center administrators can easily customize the experiments and activities based on the age group and skill level of their students.


The MIMA PRO Modular exhibits are the perfect tool for science educators who want to inspire and engage students beyond the classroom. Get yours today and start taking your science education to the next level!

It’s in:   Kuala Lumpur National Science CenterRealised in: 2024 | Together with: CEZERI | We did: Design & Development - Production 


Audience: Suitable for ages 6 and above Languages: English, Malay, customizable | Accessibility: Universal Design

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