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Science Center

Feel the Excitement of Science through Workshops!


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Workshop areas where various problem solving, design and production methods are brought together for visitors of all ages; It offers fun and educational workshop experiences for many different disciplines, from space-aviation to robotic coding, from three-dimensional modeling to wood design. As MizarLabs; We carry out all the processes of the workshops, such as concept design, installation, curriculum and trainer training, together with our experienced team and professional collaborations.

Robotics Workshop

Area: 45 m2

Children need an event or object to embody abstract concepts. Thanks to this workshop, they adapt the robots they code to the real world. Coding with robots; It makes it easy to understand all concrete concepts such as distance, speed, circumference, time, diameter, temperature, angle, light and so on.

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Little Inventors Workshop

Area: 25 m2

With this workshop, it is aimed to provide students with critical, creative, analytical, systematic, holistic, flexible and alternative thinking skills. Life skills workshop is a workshop where children learn basic life skills as independent and self-sufficient individuals, socialize, develop their self-confidence, reasoning and empathy skills, and establish interdisciplinary ties.

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Mathematics Workshop

Area: 25 m2

It aims to break down students' prejudices regarding the science of mathematics and to internalize mathematical concepts through games.

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Chemistry Workshop

Area: 45 m2

They are workshops where they use scientific knowledge in the fields of science, technology, mathematics, engineering, etc. with an interdisciplinary approach to solve problems with design and turn these designs into products.

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Aviation Workshop

Area: 45 m2

In this workshop, aerodynamic principles are taught to students through simple experiments. For example, the properties of air, the working principles of various aircraft such as gliders, hot air balloons, unmanned aerial vehicles and rockets are explored in practice.

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Garage Workshop

Area: 80 m2

It aims to bring together at least 20 students who are interested in production in the field. It is an activity area for high school and university students with 4 different workshop environments, a 3D printer cafe area and an idea corner.

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Design Workshop

Area: 50 m2

By recognizing and processing metal and wood materials, designs can be made to complement the work in other workshops. It is aimed to design and produce 3D wooden and metal products.

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