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Science Center


Sındırgı Science Center

Sındırgı Science Center has interactive exhibits on basic sciences such as light, sound, electricity, motion and mechanics and various scientific themes. There are 30 different hands-on exhibits.


The content of the workshops includes robotic coding workshop, science workshop and technology design workshop.

Sındırgı Science Center aims to provide educational opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to children and young people, with the goal of enhancing their scientific thinking and problem-solving skills. The center will offer workshops and experiments in robotics coding, technology design, physics, and chemistry. Additionally, it aims to raise awareness in science and technology through a cinema hall and various events, as well as provide educational support to teachers. Specifically targeting students living in rural areas, the center aims to support the development of young people interested in science and technology as future leaders.

It’s in: Sındırgı Municipality, Turkiye | Realised in: 2023 | Together with: CEZERI | We did: Design & Development - Production | Sponsored by ZENIT


Audience: Suitable for all ages. | Area: 325 m² | Languages: Turkish, English  | Accessibility: Universal Design

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