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Exploration Beyond Frequencies!

Sound Exhibition

Ekran Resmi 2024-05-13 16.12.19.png

This unique exhibition designed and executed by Mizarlabs, offers visitors the opportunity to explore science and technology through engaging exhibits. This exhibition features a range of interactive displays that blend the visual and auditory dimensions of sound, seamlessly combining information and entertainment. Visitors can witness how sound waves create visual patterns on metal surfaces with the 'Kumatiks' exhibit, and immerse themselves in the magical world of 8D sound technology with 'Find the Ghost Musician,' tracking the movement of sounds in an interactive game.


The 'Cryptography' exhibit invites visitors to work in groups to locate sound sources and mark them on a map, solving puzzles along the way. This activity enhances problem-solving and teamwork skills while reinforcing mathematical and logical thinking abilities. 'Sound Synthesis' allows users to select various sound waves through a touch tablet and creatively transform these sounds into musical melodies. Each exhibit is meticulously designed to enrich the understanding of scientific concepts and their real-world applications through visual and auditory elements.


Our conceptual methodology ensures that each exhibit resonates with and incites curiosity and interest in the targeted audience, all while maintaining top-notch execution and finishing in a short time. This exhibition demonstrates that science is not just a theoretical discipline but a field that can be explored and learned through interactive and enjoyable activities. The space created by Mizarlabs inspires visitors of all ages to discover and learn about science, providing opportunities to develop scientific thinking skills.

It’s in: Hatay, Turkiye | Realised in: 2023 | Together with: INFINIA | We did: Concept Design - UI Design - Design & Development - Production 


Audience: Suitable for all ages. | Area: 0 m² | Languages: Turkish | Accessibility: Universal Design

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