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Get Lost In the RIch World of Language!

The Adventure of Words

"The Adventure of Words" exhibition invites everyone interested in examining the fascinating development of language on an inner journey of exploration. This traveling exhibition offers a rich experience consisting of 25 meticulously designed units, conveying intriguing information about the formation of letters and alphabets to visitors.

Within the content of the exhibition, in-depth details are provided about the history of letters, along with the development of alphabets. Additionally, information about the origins of mind-opening and entertaining words presents visitors with various perspectives on the colorful world of language.

The exhibition, which will tour schools in its mobile format, not only provides students with the opportunity to explore the enchanting world of language but also enhances learning with educational materials and interactive experiences, making the learning process deeper, more interactive, and exciting. Each unit guides students aiming to take a step further in the mysterious paths of language.

It’s in: Konya Municipality, Turkiye | Realised in: 2023 | Together with: CEZERI | We did: UI Design - Design & Development - Production | Sponsored by Konya Bilim Merkezi


Audience: Suitable for all ages. | Area: 200 m² | Languages: Turkish | Accessibility: Universal Design

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