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In the Light of Science: The Legacy of Islamic Scholars!

The Bright Age of Science Exhibition


The telescope, which started with the work of Hans Lippershey in the first years of the 17th century, continued with the outstanding contributions of astronomers such as Galileo and Newton; stands out as an extraordinary invention that mediates humankind's desire to solve the mysteries of the universe.

Konya Science Center The Adventure of Telescope Exhibition; It is located as an impressive attraction point where you can observe different types of telescopes and their working principles, get surprising information about space and astronomy, explore the world of astrophotography blended with the synthesis of science and art, and observe studies on Turkey's.

Each section of the exhibition—from algebra and optics to aviation and architecture—is crafted to not only educate but also inspire visitors by connecting past innovations with contemporary technologies. Mizarlabs has ensured that every element, from the content to the design aesthetics, enhances the learning experience, underscoring the lasting impact of Muslim scientists on our world.

It’s in: Kırıkkale Science Center, Kırıkkale, Türkiye | Realised in: 2023 | Together with: CEZERI | We did: Design & Development - Production | Sponsored by: ASELSAN 


Audience: Suitable for all ages. | Area: 400 m² | Languages: Turkish -  English | Accessibility: Universal Design

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